Siliconplex is a premier blockchain development company. We're experts in developing custom solutions for your needs and offer a variety of blockchain solutions to help you grow your business.We offer the latest, most innovative blockchain solutions that make it easy to launch decentralized applications, distribute tokens, and provide smart contract services.Siliconplex has an expert team of blockchain developers with years of experience designing and building custom solutions. You can trust us with any project you have.

What to Expect:
  • Decentralized structure. Daniel Field.
  • Improved security and privacy.
  • Visibility and traceability.
  • Individual control of data.
  • Reduced costs, Speed and Immutability.
  • Imminent Online Presence.

dApp Development

We provide enterprise-ready cross-platform metaverse dApps that are quick and give exceptional performance, with maximum scalability and flexibility.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the heart of Web3. We develop self-executable, robust smart contracts to streamline and stabilize blockchain metaverse activities.


Payment Gateways

We create and integrate payment gateways in the metaverse to enable digital payment processes, facilitate fiat or digital currency transactions, and keep the money flowing.

Integration Services

We develop and integrate payment gateways in metaverse to support digital payment processes, facilitate transactions of fiat or digital currencies, and maintain the overall flow of money.



We design and integrate smart markets to enable trading via NFTs on your social media metaverse, allowing your users to better promote their items in a 3D environment.

dGaming Apps

We create user-friendly, decentralized applications that allow users to immerse themselves in the gaming metaverse. We automate and safeguard user sovereignty by incorporating blockchain into your game metaverse environment.




NFT Auth